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okay so it's august 13th, 2016. life's p chill, my birthday is tmrw and i have a grand total of 2 people buying me things, both my moms. brandon was coming back and being released from the grasps of the bitch but then couldn't ride the amtrak home bc he's too young and stupid policies. so while i was originally planning to be productive and study some hindi today we had to drive 5 hours thru traffic only to end up barely halfway there to pick him up. its not that big a deal but its kinda a nuisance, seeing as i had plans to catch pokemon with sarah and co in disgusting heat @ holmdel park. also my room was finally finished! just gotta get the extra furniture and fix both the curtains and the heater. alsoalso, i found author jhumpa lahiri and began reading some of her books. they're really well written, and quite moving.

summers like 3/4 over, and im getting ready to head back into the school year. surprisingly, i really didn't see my freshman friends at all. i met up with them once to watch finding dory and it was a p good time but tbh otherwise i haven't seen any of them whatsoever. i mostly just chilled with the senior fam at beaches, and also once or twice in the vr room. its been p fun, and also it looks like my life is kinda back on track. the schedule was set up but interrupted by fixing my room, so ive been living in the vr room for a bit, but that should be over when i get back.

languages are fine, i duolingo french and occasionally vietnamese. mostly french though, i can say hi, how are you, and the cat is black, but not much else otherwise. i cant speak any vietnamese, i just know assorted grammar. as for hindi, im still slowly progressing through the first stages, just finishing up the alphabet and barely doing any excerises. in general, this is just the beginning, and im expecting real progess to occur when my other tasks are done with.
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