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hi its me, so my birthday was p chill, i got some language-y stuff and also electronics. i was thrown a psuedo-party on a friends birthday, including campfire stories (never forget the red room :( ) and a gluten free cake. it was all p good, and literally nothing has really happened since. there was a lame robotics meeting recently and shit got real and deep for a sec and then it wasn't.

the weather is actually getting temperate so i can walk again, and b and n time is coming up. speaking of which, i finished interpreter of maladies, it was a good time and i got really close to crying. her book "in other words" is really good and relatable, im having a good time reading that one.

jes was here for like literally 2 days, its was okay. we drew a pokemon thing on the board for memers birthday, and it was really fun, but it was a really really short visit. she drove me to k bbq, and we chilled at hmart, but nothing else really happened.

mitsuwa happened though, and that was a good time. i got a new u+ journal, so ill probably use that for random notes and scribbles. its just nice having writing stuff everywhere.

im kinda just getting ready for school to start, i finished algebra a few days ago, it was generally terrible. ive been doing apush now for 3 days, which is equally terrible, i have like another 30-40ish questions to go. im still tryna keep this journal alive, so thats just what im doing.
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