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lmao so much for "keeping a journal", but tbh @mein2015 was very bad at keeping track of anything. he tried his best tho lol

anyway, im back. a better title for this journal would probably be "angst with occasional language" but maybe i'll stop myself from being angsty. maybe. in any case, i started studying hindi on july 29th, and today, august 7th (jeez it's been over a year since i started languages), is the first day im trying to do things like stretches and drinking tea and not living generally terrible. i actually ate breakfast yall, im tryna not die by 20 now.

um i'll try to update semi-weekly, mostly for the purpose of my own nostalgic funtimes a few years into the future (thank god i didn't update last year, that's be so cringey lmaoooooo)
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